Beach Trip! - EP

by Alex Retro

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This is the Beach Trip EP. It used to be known as "Underwater Adventures EP" and had a slightly different tracklisting and much different cover art.


released April 24, 2012

Alex Retro - Writing, vocals, ukulele, guitar, piano, and recording & production



all rights reserved


Alex Retro Florida

I play acoustic pop punk and Nintendo

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Track Name: Beach Trip!
The words go:

Why don't we go down to Pier 60 on Clearwater beach?
We could have a great time, and we would watch the sunset at the end of the day oh oh oh
I'm tired of wasting all my Saturdays wishing you were here with me and so-o-o-o
We'll get into my car, head down the interstate
And blast the stereo

I hope you understand, that I am very shy, but a nice guy
I've got so many plans, it's time to put them into place and show how rad I think you are
My car is old, from 1995, the paint is chipping, but the engine's still alive
So let's drive far away and we'll be at the beach by noon, and the Florida sun will be out soon
Track Name: 20,000 Leagues Outta My League
This one is supposed to be saying:

She's 20,000 leagues outta my league
I could try and try until I go through mental fatigue
Seems like everybody's identical
So I'm looking for a girl who's something special

I'm a weird kid with a car, a guitar, a uke, and a keyboard
Spent my cash at Sam Ash and a little at the thrift store
I'm broke, what a joke, 21 with nothin' to show
I'm young, havin' fun, and I really wanna know
What you'd think of me if I walked right up to you
And said something dumb
Cuz that seems to be my thing
That's always been my thing!

I'm on the lookout for girl, who views the world, much smarter than I could ever
Understands what I can't and uses the head on her shoulders
Not vain, yet has brains, and is totally sweet
I wait and I wait and someday we will meet
And even though I'm not a genius
I'll give her all that I can
My best offer is loyalty and care
When you need me I'll be there!
Track Name: Flag A Signal
The singer is singing something like:

Now's the time to flag a signal
Red flags go up as a symbol
You say that it's all up to you
To decide is something's true
I understand that you say morals
Should be left to the individuals
An oxymoron within itself
Ambigous in every way that we've dealt

A moral's not a moral if it remains changable
And it clearly must be if it's different for us all
If it works for you but doesn't work for someone else
Then where's the steady moral, it's all flawed in itself

I'm not saying that I'm against tolerance
Just stating it does not make sense
You say there's no such thing as truth
But that statement becomes unglued
If it's really so, then the statement's not a fact
Track Name: On The High Seas
It goes:

Things have come, things have come and gone
Things have happened, things both right and wrong
But I never stopped to look around
Never cared to leave this town
I'm learning how things are going down

Well it's been 21 long years
I've learned that life is full of facing fears
But I can't wait around and see
What will or won't happen for me
Here's the story of a man on the high seas

So this man he sailed the high seas
He saw so many things he couldn't believe
Searched for treasures so old, dubloons of gold
Even when it was cold
But he sure lived a good life

And the man, he stayed gone so long
He'd sail around the world whistling his song
Went to places so new and dangerous too
As the sea would violently brew
That was the end of his life
But he sure lived it good

Anyways, my original point
Life's too short to sit around this joint
Things are going on everyday
And I won't be the one to say
That nothing ever happens anyway